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Shock Doctor
Ultra ShockSkin
Wrist Guard
Shock Doctor Ultra ShockSkin Wrist Guard
WePlay Price: $17.99
List: $20.00
Provides lightweight wrist protection. Unlike other protective wrist guards, this one flexes and moves with the shape of the wrist to provide unrestricted movement while keeping the ball player protected. The Integrated Shockskin ™ vented foam pads move and contour with the wrist and forearm to provide comfort and protection. The Airflow design, featuring four-way stretch mesh zones and vented foam, maximize breathability.
Sleek™ Matte Finish
Pro Skull Cap
Wilson Sleek Pro Skull Cap - Matte Finish
- OUT -
Matte Finish. Can be used behind the plate or along the baseline. Provides protection without sacrificing comfort.
Baseball Equipment

Heart Guards
WePlay Price: $19.99
List: $25.00
Small in size, yet provides a rigid plate over the vital area of the heart. Parents and coaches choose Heart-Gard as standard protective equipment for child safety.
Catchers Knee Savers
Baseball Equipment

Knee Savers
WePlay Price: $19.95
List: $25.00
3-Sided wedge design. Supports the body while in the crouch position. educes risk of knee injury by minimizing excessive strain while cushioning knee joints.
Waffle Bottom
Throw Down Base Set
CHAMPRO Sports Waffle Bottom Throw Down Base Set
- OUT -
The Quick & easy way to turn any natural or artificial surface into a playing field. Each base weighs close to 2 lbs. so it'll be able to accomodate practices or pre-conditioning teams on the road.
Shin Protector
Easton Batters Shin Protector
- OUT -
Ergonomically designed shin guard fits comfortably and securely. High strength K-resin shell on both the shin guard and toe cap.
Pro Arc
Set of Replacement Cleats
Baseball Equipment

Baseball Replacement Cleats
WePlay Price: $9.99
List: $11.00
Set of 14 replacement cleats and metal screws. Universal size fits multiple brands of baseball cleats including Adidas, Reebok, Power, Pony, Easton, and many other brands as well.
No Glare™
Wide Stick Paste

Eye Black
WePlay Price: $4.99
List: $6.00
Black paste for application to cheekbones just below the eye of athletes to reduce glare on bright days.
Batting Helmets
Baseball Equipment

Batting Helmets
WePlay Price: $15.99
List: $20.00
Contains 15 vent holes for superb ventilation and comfort. Best of all, it exceeds safety standards by more than 40%.
Louisville Slugger
Pine Tar Stick
Pine Tar
WePlay Price: $5.99
List: $6.99
Pine tar grip enhancement in a easy-to-apply, no mess stick. Improves grip on wood baseball bats.
Champro® Sports
# A021
Tally Counter
Champro Sports Tally Counter
WePlay Price: $7.99
List: $8.99
Tallies all counting needs one click at a time. Count people in attendance, pitches at a ball game, number of laps completed, anything that needs counting.
Home & Road
Dual Pitch Counter

Baseball Pitch Counter
WePlay Price: $10.99
List: $12.00
Dual pitch counter enables user to track two pitchers at once. Sleek design fits ergonomically in the hand.
Pro Decals
Helmet Flag Stickers
Baseball Equipment

Helmet Flag Stickers
WePlay Price: $11.99
List: $13.00
Set of 24. Small, vinyl helmet sticker measuring 1 3/4 x 1". Applies to any hard helmet such as football, baseball, fast pitch, hockey, motorcycle or work helmets.
Champro Sports®
Catchers Glove

Padded Catchers Gloves
WePlay Price: $7.99
List: $9.00
Worn with a catchers mitt to provide extra protection from impact sting. The one-piece, Lycra® backing conforms to the hand to maintain flexibility while providing for a sure fit for a variety of hand sizes.
Louisville Slugger
Sting Reduction Guard

Baseball Padded Gloves
WePlay Price: $18.99
List: $25.00
Orthopedically designed to wear inside a fielders glove or mitt. The patented Sting Reduction Guard features Bionic™ Padding with Anatomical Relief Zones to help reduce sting.
Glove Conditioner

Glove Conditioner
WePlay Price: $4.99
List: $6.00
Ideal for break-in, cleaning, and preserving glove and mitt leather.
Ball & Strike

Wilson Ball & Strike Counter Ump Indicator
WePlay Price: $9.95
List: $12.00
Durable, stainless steel shell designed for professional umpires. Color coded, 3 wheel indicator counts balls, strikes, and outs.
Lightning Detector
Baseball Equipment

Lightning Detectors
WePlay Price: $79.99
List: $100.00
Small and affordable lightning detector that provides an early warning of approaching lightning strikes from as far away as 40 miles and lets you know if the storm is coming your way.
Champro ® Sports
Collapsible Water
Bottle Carrier

Water Bottle Carrier
WePlay Price: $24.99
List: $7.00
Holds 6 plastic water bottles. Collapses flat for storage. Drain holes on the bottom platform provide sanitation.
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